What is a domain and how can domain name benefit my business?

The domain name is your brand, online identity and internet address in one. A good domain name will give your business instant recognition, eliminate confusion, make you easy to find and easy to remember.

What domain name extension should I use?

Everyone knows .com extension, but there are many others (.org, .net, .co, .info…) and more coming in as the internet grows (.photography, .tips, .technology…). While .com is the most popular and valued extension, its availability is limited and depending on the type of a business, there might be better options.



  • Roofs.com – online directory of roofing products and services.
  • Roofs.la – strong brand for roofing company in Los Angeles area.

Do I need my own domain and website? Can’t I use only social media? It’s free, with a lot of traffic!

The domain name market is often compared to a real estate market. Location matters, visibility and easy access are critical for building a successful business. Domain name is an investment, an asset, it is yours and you can always sell it with a profit, the value increases when you build on it.

If you’re depending only on social media you are building on someone else’s property. You are giving away hours of your hard work and creative freedom. Use social media for promotion, communication; point the traffic to your website and increase the value of your own business.

Should I build my business on catchy, non dictionary brand name or descriptive, keyword rich name?

Here is a Google Webmaster video that explains how important is it to have keywords in a domain name.

As you can see, there are some interesting and important aspects of domain name selection to consider when starting or growing your online business. If you’re looking for more answers or information don’t hesitate to contact me. It is possible to fail even with a great domain name, but it is impossible to succeed with a bad one.